Tailor Made Designs - Timber Frame HousesTailor Made Designs - Timber Frame Houses

Design & Engineering

Using the very latest timber frame software from Consultec we are able to prepare designs for a range of timber frame buildings with ease.

After studying architects drawings with our engineers we will liaise with the customer and architect on some of the finer details, once this process is complete our engineers will prepare a full set of structural calculations for the building, in turn our designers will then turn the architects drawings and engineers details into a three dimensional cad drawing from which the computer can generate a full set of timber frame working drawings.

Drawings would usually comprise the following;
Sections through the building at relevant points, layout drawings, soleplate and headbinder drawings, individual panel drawings, cutting lists, joisting plan or floor cassette drawings and cutting lists. We will also prepare drawings of any specialist works such as steel beams and posts etc.

All layout drawings and sections along with any other relevant drawings are sent to the customer for approval prior to drawings being passed across to manufacturing. We also encourage where possible customers to visit our offices once the drawings have been prepared, this allows the customer to get a full understanding of the building and make any changes required.

Once drawings have been approved by the client we are then able to issue an NHBC HB353B Certificate if required.