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FAST-TRACK 5 Day nationwide delivery service available on roof trusses and ecojoists.

Email your requirements to fasttrack@tailormade-frames.co.uk or call us on 01432 355046 and ask for fast track.

Tailor Made Designs manufacture the Ecojoist® floor joist system, under licence from Gang-Nail Systems, for use with timber frame kits or as a stand-alone package to builders and developers.
Ecojoist® beams consist of parallel stress graded timber flanges joined together with engineered V shaped galvanized steel of 8” and 9” webs. The webs are fixed to the flanges via the nail-plated zones top and bottom.

Ecojoist® sizes are compatible with those of solid joists, so there is no need for expensive drawing changes. For applications requiring greater joist depths, Gang-Nail Systems Spacejoist provides the solution, available at 10” and 12” sizes.
• Made to measure - no site wastage and quicker to install
• Wide surfaces - easy chipboard and plasterboard fixing
• Eliminate shrinkage problems and provides a squeak free floor
• Large spans easily achieved
• Open web system - no need to notch or drill for pipes/cables
• Easy installation of heat recovery and mechanical ventilation systems
• Retro installation of additional services with minimum disruption
• 40% lighter than equivalent solid joists - easier handling on site

Tailor Made Designs have invested heavily in Ecojoists and have the capacity to manufacture and deliver over 250,000 linear metres of Ecojoists every year. This, combined with our own delivery vehicles and reliable contracted in haulage, enables us to provide short reliable lead times with a nationwide delivery service at a competitive rate.

We use the very latest design software from Gang-Nail Systems which enables us to provide detailed design information, drawings, structural calculations and quotations very quickly and turn the majority of domestic quotations around within a day.

To provide a quotation, whether it be for a few Ecojoists to complete an extension or complete floors to apartment blocks, please email your enquiries to enquiries@tailormade-frames.co.uk. Ideally we require a floor plan or a simple dimensioned sketch showing loadbearing walls, joists span direction, and openings such as stairwells. If you require a particular depth of joists please include this information, if not we will choose the most economical option. The Ecojoist technical guide, brochure and span tables can be downloaded below. Please also remember to include your contact details and a delivery address.

*NEW* We now have a software download available below which enables you to view your Ecojoist floor in Full 3D. This clever piece of software enables you to zoom in and view the full floor design from any angle in the smallest of details. To use the software simply download the Viewer software below and ask us to send you the .rcv file for your design with your quotation.

Ecojoist Span Tables (Click Here)

Ecojoist® Downloads
Ecojoist® 3D Viewer Software
Ecojoist® 3D Viewer User Guide
Ecojoist® Brochure
Ecojoist® Technical Manual
Ecojoist® 60 Minute Fire Test