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Engineered Joists
Tailor Made Designs are able to provide Boise joists with its timber frame kits or as a stand alone package to builders and developers.

BCI® Joists are manufactured to precise specifications using VERSA-LAM® flanges and an oriented strand board web (OSB).

• Light in weight, yet immensely strong and easy to install
• Long lengths (up to 14.6m)
• Pre stamped knockout holes. Larger holes can be cut in web to accommodate larger services
• Squeak free floors – No need for herringbone strutting

VERSA-LAM® for Rim

VERSA-LAM® Beams and VERSA-LAM® for Rim provides the foundation for the SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM®. Manufactured by bonding high-specification rotary-peeled timber veneers to create huge billets of engineered wood, VERSA-LAM® is one of the strongest and most reliable engineered wood products available in the UK today.

• Floor and roof beams, lintels, purlins, columns, studs and rim board
• Long lengths (up to 14.6m)
• Special sizes available to suit press-web applications
• A very stable material which is not as susceptible to moisture ingress and differential shrinkage as is common with solid sawn carcassing timber and some laminated timber beams
• Ideal for use as a 'ring beam' in timber frame applications
• High strength properties make it an ideal material when used in multi-storey buildings where disproportionate collapse (progressive) needs to be considered

I-bloc™ is a specially profiled LVL joist cap designed to enable BCI® joists to be build into external and party walls in compliance with Building Regulations, Part L1 (air leakage), Part B (fire) and Part E (sound) requirements.

• Propping of joists is not required. Decked floor can be used as a safe working platform
• Silicone sealant and restraint straps are not required
• The I-bloc™ is supplied to suit all BCI® joist depths and widths

VERSA-LAM® Products

205mm & 252mm deep VERSA-LAM® also available