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Tailor Made Designs supply a wide range of insulation products from Knauf, Kingspan and Glidevale for use in timber frame construction. Each product has been carefully selected based on its performance and cost benefits for the chosen area of use.

It is now a building regulations requirement that every new house has its own energy performance certificate. Subsequently there are a number steps required before the correct level of insulation can be specified. Firstly a SAP assessor will input details of the house construction into a specialist computer program, the information includes details of heating, lighting, orientation, glazing, and the construction. The SAP assessor can then determine the u-values or level of insulation required to achieve a pass. Once these u-values are known we can then select the insulation required to achieve them. At this stage a SAP report and an "as designed" energy performance certificate is issued. On completion the SAP assessor will be required to re-input the details to the software including any changes to the design and the results of an air pressure test, if required. The SAP assessor can then issue an "as built" energy performance certificate which is passed to building control to satisfy part L of the building regulations. Tailor Made Designs are able to provide the SAP reports and Energy performance certificates if required as part of the insulation package. We can also provide u-value calculations free of charge for any construction you may be considering.

Typical Specification

Ground Floor
Whether using a concrete slab, beam and block or other ground floor construction Kingspan is usually selected. The thickness required ranges from 60mm to 100mm depending on the u-value required. Kingspan is a rigid board insulation available in 2400x1200mm sheets and a range of thicknesses upto 100mm.

External Walls
Insulation to an external timber frame wall is fitted within the panel, between the studwork. We typically specify Knaufs Timber frame batt for this application. The batt is a semi-rigid mineral wool insulation available in slabs of 1200x600mm and thicknesses to suit the timber frame thickness (typically 140mm). The product is produced in a range of densities. To meet building regulations the 038 timber frame batt provides a u-value of 0.29w/m2k and is usually sufficient. For better u-values a denser batt can be used or other products can be combined with the batt such as a Glidevale's reflective breather membranes and vapour barriers or the addition of a 20mm Kingspan board across the internal face of the stud which greatly helps as cold bridging is eliminated.

Internal Walls
Insulation to internal walls is fitted between the studwork prior to plasterboarding. All bathroom walls must be insulated to meet part E of buildings for sound transmission. We specify Knauf's 90mm Timber frame Batt for this application and would recommend insulating all internal walls due the minimal cost.

First Floor (Between Joists)
Intermediate floors within dwellings are insulated for sound proofing and is a requirement of Building regulations Part E. Knauf's 100mm Roll insulation is perfect for this application. The insulation is a mineral wool supplied on a roll pre-cut at 400mm at 600mm widths to suit the joist spacing. Its cost effective and simple to install.

Roof (Above ceiling within loft space)
Knauf's Loft Roll insulation is the product of choice for this application. The insulation is a mineral wool supplied on a roll pre-cut at 400mm and 600mm widths and available in thicknesses from 100mm to 200mm. Typically 100mm is installed between the ceiling joists with a further 200mm laid above.

Roof (Sloping ceiling between rafters)
Kingspan is typically used in this area due to space constraints. Commonly 100mm Kinspan is installed between the rafters with around 30mm Kingspan being installed to the underside of the rafter prior to plasterboarding. If the rafter depth is sufficient it is also possible to use Knaufs 140mm Timber frame batt between the rafters with around 40mm Kingspan to the underside of the rafter, this method makes installation far easier and is cost effective. Other products for this application include foil insulation such as tri-iso super 10 and Knauf's room in roof roll.

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