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Robust Details for Timber Frame Construction.

Tailor Made Designs constructs all party walls and Party floors in accordance with Robust Details avoiding the requirement for any pre-completion sound testing.

A Robust Detail, for Part E of Building Regulations, is a separating wall or floor construction which has been assessed and approved by Robust Details Limited. In order to be approved, each Robust Detail must:-

-Be capable of consistently exceeding the performance standards given in Part E to the Building Regulations for England and Wales
-Be practical to construct on site
-Be reasonably tolerant to workmanship

Tailor Made Designs will advise which Robust Details are to be used in your project (see details below). Once this is estabished the client must, prior to commencing work on site, register each plot within the development with Robust Details Ltd, there is a registration fee of £30 per plot and is the only fee payable. The registration form can be downloaded below. Following registration Robust Details will provide a registration certificate to satisfy Building control that the Robust Detail approach is being used to comply to Part E of the building regulations. A checklist will also be provided, this needs to be checked against the construction on site. Once you are satisfied that the construction is complete the checklist is returned to Robust Details Ltd who then issue a certificate which satisfies Building control without the need for pre-completion sound testing.

Constructing to Robust details will also provide credits towards the code for sustainable homes, with between 1 and 3 credits available for each construction type.

Timber Frame Party Wall Types
E-WT-1 (Timber Frame without sheathing)
E-WT-2 (Timber Frame with sheathing board)

Timber Frame Party Floor Types
E-FT-1 (I Joists)
E-FT-2 (Solid Timber Joists)
E-FT-3 (Metail Web Joists)

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Timber Frame Apartments constructed using Robust Details for both Walls and Floors