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The Timber Frame Process from Enquiry to Completion.

Obtaing a Quotation
To provide a quotation we require your planning drawings, these should include Elevations and floor plans. If you have any other drawings available at this point such as sections and site plans these would be helpful. Your drawings will be appraised to determine the most appropriate method of construction and will be discussed with you where necessary. Following this appraisal a full detailed quotation will be issued.

The Design Process
Once an order has been placed our designers will discuss the project with our structural engineers and a full set of structural calculations to cover the entire timber frame structure will be produced. We provide all of the structural information for building regulations approval. Our designers will issue a detailed ground working drawing for your builder to follow. This groundwork drawing then provides a template for the rest of the timber frame structure which is drawn directly on top using specialist timber frame CAD software. Once the design is complete a set of detailed drawings will be issued for your approval. This includes everything from window and door opening sizes to full sections and detailed 3D images to give you a full understanding of your building. On approval detailed manufacturing details and drawings are issued to the factory.

Every item of your timber frame structure is produced off site at our factory. This includes the pre-cutting of soleplates and head binders, manufacturing of external, internal and gable wall panels, pre-cutting of all floor joist timber or manufacturing of ecojoists, preparation of any glulam beams or steelwork, manufacturing of roof trusses and pre-cutting of any cut rafters, valley rafters etc. Once all of the manufactured components are produced they are loaded onto a lorry for delivery on the pre-determined date together with the remaining components such as Chipboard decking, fascia and soffit board etc.

On the agreed date our erectors will arrive on site to meet our lorry for off-loading and commence erection. With the exception of scaffolding, details of which will be provided to you, we will take care of the rest. Any tele-handlers or crane requirements will be provided by us. Erection of most timber frame houses takes between one and two weeks at the end which you will be left with a building which is ready for your roofer, bricklayer, plumber and electrician.